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Experience Next-Level Vehicle Safety with IGLA.

Protect your vehicle with state-of-the-art anti-theft technology.

IGLA Graphic

IGLA's Advanced Security Features

Pin Code Security:

Make your vehicle impossible to start without your personal pin code

Engine Start Prevention:

Even if intruders gain access, IGLA ensures your engine remains inactive without the correct authorization

Key Hacking Defense:

Modern thieves use key hacking techniques. IGLA's technology blocks such attempts, ensuring another layer of security.

Shift Lever Lock:

Available for certain models, this feature prevents unauthorized users from shifting gears

Discreet Installation:

IGLA's system is designed to be hidden, ensuring potential thieves are unaware of its presence

Remote Compatibility:

Pair IGLA with systems like Compustar and Drone Mobile for added control, tracking, and real-time alerts.

At Tunes Car Stereo in Concord, NC, we're proud to introduce IGLA, a state-of-the-art vehicle security solution. Here's a glimpse into how IGLA stands out:

IGLA's advanced system is designed to offer multi-layered protection. From a unique pin code entry system that ensures only authorized users can start your vehicle to engine start prevention features, IGLA ensures your car remains secure against potential threats. Its discreet installation means potential thieves remain unaware of its presence, adding an element of surprise to its robust security features.

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