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Image by Alexander Jawfox


Conquer The Night

Having trouble seeing at night? From simple bulb replacements to full custom built headlight assemblies, accent lighting, work and strobe lighting systems. We have a solution for you to conquer the dark.  

Headlight Upgrades

Upgrading the headlights on your vehicle can improve visibility while driving at night and in inclement weather. There are several options available for upgrading your headlights, including:


  1. LED headlights: LED (light-emitting diode) headlights are a popular choice for upgrading because they are energy efficient, have a longer lifespan than traditional halogen bulbs, and produce a bright, white light

  2. HID (high-intensity discharge) headlights: HID headlights car produce a brighter, whiter light than traditional halogen bulbs and are also more energy efficient. However, they require a special ballast to operate and may not be easily compatible with all vehicles.

  3. Upgraded halogen bulbs with a higher color temperature: Halogen bulbs can have a higher color temperature (measured in Kelvin) will produce a brighter, more blue-white light. These bulbs are generally less expensive than LED or HID options, have a shorter lifespan and are less energy efficient.

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